Shipping agency

Since 1990, AGENCIES has provided an high standard of services to many ship owners, operators, charterers and brokers.

We provide full vessel attendance at all Italian ports to any kind of vessel, no matter the size, with expertize on bulk carriers, tankers and liner vessels.

Our renowned vessel attendance quality, ensure fast and accurate handling of all details and dispatch of vessels, expediting ship’s arrivals and departures, loading and unloading operations, and ship’s operation in port.

AGENCIES provides updated information to our clients such as berthing prospects and whether conditions and soon many of these information will be available “on-line” through the net.

AGENCIES computerized voyage accounting system is centralized for all Italian and worldwide ports in our Venice administration head-office, thus granting instant and accurate accounting information, cost analysis thus saving in time and costs.

A particular branch of our agency activity is dedicated to general-agency, so that we can take care of Principal’s vessel anywhere, any time with our centralized system and through a network of branch-offices or correspondents worldwide, and again, with no additional costs!

Through our affiliated companies, we can grant “beyond-vessel” services, such as fast and economic discharging operations, trucking, rail transportation and warehousing as well as cargo survey, ship survey, ship supplies.

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